Sweat Sessions Training Program

Program Details, Benefits and Descriptions

Sweat Sessions Training Program is a 12-week opportunity to work closely with me as I’ll lead you through my signature program. This program was designed based on my experience of helping men and women reaching their wellness goals Whether it’s for weight loss or using fitness as a stress reliever- this training program will help you reach your desired goals through

  1. Easily managing your food intake and recognizing what works for you individually
  2. Replacing those limiting beliefs and shifting your mindset to attract high vibe relationships and opportunities through mindset training

  3. Building and maintaining a sustainable fitness routine that doesn’t cause you too much time

And SO much more!

This Program Focuses On 3 Pillars:


  • Receive 4 workouts per week that include Lower Body, Upper Body & Core, Full Body and HIIT & Core

  • Recorded demonstration videos for each exercise

Weekly Coaching Thursdays at 8pm
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To get the results you are looking for, we must eat! The key to a sustainable nutritional diet is making sure we are eating the appropriate portions that match your body type. You will receive a weekly meal guide that includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. This guide will not solely focus on numbers for calories, we will focus on enjoying the meals we love in moderations


Inside of our accountability group, I share daily motivation, inspiration, and tools to help you retrain the way you think about your body + health+ fitness journey

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3 Payments of $199 per month